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Quarries over Time

Miners Road Work gardens


Rocky point (garlands Quarry) was used in early Christchurch buildings such as the old university. This site is now Port Hills Road and occupied by housing.  

British Pavements 1939_005.jpg
Halswell Quarry 1903 .jpg


A quarry was situated on McCormacks Bay Road. The rock was used for a seawall in Sumner, and crushed rock was used in asphalt to make roads. 


Halswell Quarry provided stone used in many Christchurch landmarks such as the sign of the Takaha, the Robert McDougal Art Gallery and Canterbury Museum. 

2 Halswell Quarry 1903 .jpg
Hagley Park 1960 - .jpg


A shingle pit was located near the Armagh Street Bridge and stretched all the way to North Hagley Park. 


The Giants Causeway Quarry in Rapaki produced a large amount of stone used in buildings such as the Christchurch Cathedral and the Public Trust Building.  

British Pavements 1939_002.jpg
1903 Haslwell Quarry IMG0070.jpg


Some of the Halswells Quarry was converted into residential land in 1954. It is rumoured that this 32 section development was sold to help fund Queen Elizabeth 11 visit to the city.  


Lake Bryndwr was a former quarry, near the corner of Wairakei and Breens Road. This is now residential housing. 

Lake Bryndwr - 196- .jpg


Pound Road, Templeton Quarry is established in the 80's. 


Miners Road Quarry, Templeton is established in 2008. 

Work gardens-9649.jpg
Roberts .JPG


Roberts Road Quarry, Islington is established in 2014. 

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