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Victoria Australia sets a strong example

Tim Pallas MP, Minister of Resources writes:

Victoria’s population is set to reach 10 million before 2050, requiring 1.6 million new homes to be built. An average of eight tonnes of stone, gravel and sand per Victorian is required every year to build the infrastructure Victorians need. As our population rises, so will our demand for quarry materials.

The Victorian Government is investing an unprecedented amount into new infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and our transport network to cater for this growth.

Investment in infrastructure is expected to average over $10 billion per annum over the next four years. We need a ready supply of raw materials as Victoria grows. That’s why we are supporting the industry by putting in place the right protections for our quarries.

The challenge facing Victoria is a significant one. This statement is part of our proactive plan to drive affordability of extractive resources.

You can read the full document here.

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