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Updates on the Proposed Quarry

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Consent application information

We are still gathering technical information for the property in regards to traffic and noise, along with dust and ground water data and other relevant information. To try to get the best information about the groundwater under the property Fulton Hogan has put in four monitoring bores. There are other monitoring bores and data in and around the surrounding area that can be used for our purposes, but we have listened to the anecdotal evidence from neighbours about the variability of groundwater in the area. In the interests of the community’s groundwater protection concerns we believe getting a total property understanding is the best option. All of the bores we have put down comply with council regulations in regards to their installation and on-going management.

Timing of consent applications

Fulton Hogan has made the decision to NOT submit any resource consent applications to the Selwyn District Council or Environment Canterbury before September 2018.

Fulton Hogan is very supportive of the councils that are working with local communities to help them understand the Resource Management Act consents applications, and submission processes. Fulton Hogan wishes to continue to talk with stakeholders throughout the coming months to better inform our consent application noting the concerns of the stakeholders.

Templeton Quarry

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