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Roydon Quarry consent granted

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Fulton Hogan says a very robust and thorough process has led to consent being granted for a new quarry near Templeton on the outskirts of Christchurch.

South Island General Manager Craig Stewart says experts and submitters on both sides, for and against the consent, were fully listened to and the company will carry on listening and engaging with the community.

“Fulton Hogan took on board what the community and its experts were saying throughout the consenting process and the consent’s conditions reflect a comprehensive assessment by the three commissioners.”

Mr Stewart says the conditions minimise any impact on the local community and the environment, provide a process for ensuring all conditions are met, and a framework for continuing to engage via a Community Liaison Group, as a good neighbour should.

“We believe this is the best place for a quarry and we plan to earn the trust of the community by putting our plans into operation and delivering on the consent conditions.”

Mr Stewart says the goal was for the quarry to be a show-case for other quarry operations in New Zealand and will lead the way in terms of best practice and environmental sustainability.

He noted that with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting business and supply chains, the consent has wider implications for economic growth and stability in the region, through its establishment and construction and future supply of aggregates to projects.

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