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Fulton Hogan wants to hear from you!

The proposed Roydon Quarry has been an issue for many Templeton residents.

How can members of the public find out more information on the proposed quarry and have their say?

Fulton Hogan welcomes the public’s opinions on the proposed Roydon Quarry—we want to discuss this proposal with you!

We have established a number of engagement methods which we invite the community to partake in to influence our proposal and make access to information easier. These include a Community Advisory Group (‘CAG’), drop-in centre, monthly newsletters and website. We have also been in contact with neighbouring residents and businesses, had a family day at our Miners Road quarry, and met with the local residents’ associations.

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

The CAG has from instigation, had an open invitation to residents and businesses within the Templeton community, to challenge our site concepts and technical information and measures and this will continue to influence the quarry’s proposal prior to its application for resource consents. From this group, Fulton Hogan has been able to gauge some of the public’s opinions regarding the design and operation of the proposed quarry, as well as, provide factual information and expert advice to community members.

If the proposed quarry is given the green light, there is the potential for this type of group to continue if the community wants it to. It is important to note CAG members do not act as community representatives, but rather bring an independent engagement voice from around the site and the community.

Drop-In Centre

Our drop-in centre, at the former Roydon Lodge site, at 220 Jones Road, Rolleston, allows the public to come along and discuss the proposed quarry with a Fulton Hogan representative and is open by appointment (call 03 357 1400 or email

Monthly Newsletters

We also deliver monthly newsletters to the Christchurch public. These newsletters aim to provide residents with a knowledge and understanding of quarries. We want people to become familiar with what quarries achieve, how they operate, and their impacts.

If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter, please subscribe here.

FH Quarries Website

Lastly, the public can always engage with the Fulton Hogan team via this website. Following our formal process, any compliments, responses and complaints will be recorded and actioned as required.

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